Lock Options

QMP has a wide variety of lock options to fit to our lockers. We have a variety of different lock types to suit your individual needs, from digital keypad locks that require a programmed key code to be entered, all the way up to a simple swivel latch which just requires a padlock to be secured. Please speak to our sales team for more details on each of these lock options and which option will suit your requirements best.

Please note: Some locks may not be compatible with every locker design, our sales department will be happy to assist with any enquiry regarding the compatibility of these lock options.

  • QMP Mechanical Combination Lock
  • Digital Keypad Lock
  • Combination Padlock
  • Cam Lock
  • Swivel Latch Lock
  • Moisture Resistant Cam Lock
  • Coin Return Lock (Compatible with old or new pound coins)

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Lock Options - Colour Options
Lock Options
Key Description Code
H Coin Retain Lock L2CNRETAIN1X
C Combination Padlock L2UPROGCOMLK
F Moisture Resistant Cam Lock L2CAMLOCKWET
A QMP Mechanical Combination L2MECHCOMBLK
G Coin Return L2COINRT1XXX
B Digital Keypad L2ELECOMBLCK