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Fully Welded Barriers

The Fully Welded Safety Barriers are designed for ideal for protection around machinery or industrial equipment and for defining walkways through industrial, manufacturing and warehousing areas. These industrial barriers are available as a straight barrier, corner or gate, this range offers a varied choice for the user depending on their barrier system requirements.

  • Available with a choice of open or mesh infill panels.
  • Fully welded construction.
  • Powder coated high visibility yellow with Germ Guard Active Technology paint.
  • Supplied with floor fixings for extra security.
  • Express delivery available on the Straight Barriers - order quantities may apply, please speak to the sales team.
  • Designed in the UK by QMP, a proud Industrial Barriers Manufacturer.

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Fully Welded Barriers - Colour Options
Corner Barrier Units
Size H.W.D Description Code
Mesh Infill
L.1000 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBCU1211MYXX
L.1000 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBCU1290MYXX
Open Barrier
L.1000 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBCU1211OYXX
L.1000 H..900 Yellow Barrier RBCU1290OYXX
Gate Barrier Units
Size H.W.D Description Code
Mesh Infill
L.1200 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBGU1211MYXX
L.1200 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBGU1290MYXX
L.900 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBGU9011MYXX
L.900 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBGU9090MYXX
Open Barrier
L.1200 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBGU1211OYXX
L.1200 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBGU1290OYXX
L.900 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBGU9011OYXX
L.900 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBGU9090OYXX
Straight Barrier Unit
Size H.W.D Description Code
Mesh Infill
L.1000 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBST1211MYXX
L.1000 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBST1290MYXX
L.2000 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBST2411MYXX
L.2000 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBST2490MYXX
Open Barrier
L.1000 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBST1211OYXX
L.1000 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBST1290OYXX
L.2000 H.1100 Yellow Barrier RBST2411OYXX
L.2000 H.900 Yellow Barrier RBST2490OYXX