First Aid Cupboards

Our First Aid Cupboards are manufactured from high quality steel with instantly recognisable identification symbols and a clean white powder coated finish. This first aid storage solution is designed to suit the users requirements within the workplace and ensure employers meet their first aid obligations.

  • 'No snag' handles with 2-point locking.
  • Adjustable spill-retaining galvanized shelves.
  • Wall cupboards are pre-drilled for mounting (fixings not included).
  • Stands raise cupboards by 500mm with an adjustable foot for uneven surfaces.
  • Powder coated with white Germ Guard Active Technology anti-bacterial paint - find out more about the Germ Guard paint here.
  • Supplied with First Aid stickers as standard.
  • Cupboard shelves have a UDL of 70kg.
  • Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by QMP.

*Except wall mounted cupboards

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First Aid Cupboards - Colour Options
First Aid Cupboard - Extra Shelves
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
W.350 D.300 Extra Shelves CFES3530ZWXX
W.460 D.460 Extra Shelves CFES4646ZWXX
W.900 D.460 Extra Shelves CFES9046ZWXX
First Aid Cupboard - Stands
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
W.350 D.300 N/A CFST3530ZWXX
W.460 D.460 N/A CFST4646ZWXX
W.900 D.460 N/A CFST9046ZWXX
First Aid Cupboard - Wall Mounted
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.850 W.570 D.255 1 CF855725MWXX
First Aid Cupboards - Floor Cupboards
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.1800 W.900 D.460 3 CF189046ZWXX
H.700 W.350 D.300 1 CF703530ZWXX
H.700 W.900 D.460 1 CF709046ZWXX
H.900 W.460 D.460 1 CF904646ZWXX
H.900 W.900 D.460 1 CF909046ZWXX
First Aid Cupboards - Mobile
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.1040 W.900 D.460 1 CF109046ZWXX
H.840 W.900 D.460 1 CF849046MWXX