System Flow Trolleys

System Flow Trolleys

QMP designs and manufactures a high quality trucks & trolley range, the System Flow Trolleys provide the workshop with an all in one mobile storage solution. This range offers various configurations to suit the user's requirements and allows to customise the trolley designs. The complete trolley range is heavy duty and built to last.


The 'A Frame' System Flow Trolleys are designed for tool or small parts storage. Available in two different sizes of 1230H and 1650H with louvred or peg boards, this provides the user heavy duty storage for the workplace.


The IT Trolley range is designed to provide the workplace an all-in-one storage solution. With a built in shelf to allow to store a PC tower, a monitor holder and a keyboard shelf, this design is perfect for storing a PC when on the move in the workshop.


Tool Trolleys have a robust storage and a high capacity to store items such as hand tools. With peg board back panels, this offers the user storage for hand tool whilst in use. The clip mix kits that are available from QMP are designed to fit into the peg board inserts and offer storage for hammers, spanners or small parts.


Shelf & Panel Trolleys have a heavy duty magnetic back panel suitable for storing papers or design drawings whilst at work and a storage shelf. These UK manufactured trolleys provide on the move storage for small parts when in the workplace.


Tilting Shelf Trolleys are an ideal design for the industrial storage of hand tools or small parts storage. As standard these trolleys are manufactured with two tilting shelves with an option to purchase additional shelves to suit the user's requirements.


With our experienced sales team you will be sure to find the appropriate System Flow Trolleys for your requirements.

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For further information on QMP's Euroslide System Flow Trolley range, please send your enquiry to our friendly sales team on: +44(0)1384 899800 or alternatively you can email us at: