Euroslide Drawer Divider Kits

Drawer Divider Kits allow users to customise their cabinets by dividing drawer comparments into sections to suit tooling.

  • Kits are available to suit various drawer depths including 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.
  • Divider kits are made from high quality Galvanised steel.
  • Available in a range on configurations.
  • Divider kits are supplied with nuts and bolts to allow users to adjust the layout of the drawer interiors.
  • Please speak to our sales team for advice on ordering the appropriate kit for your Euroslide.

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Drawer Divider Kits - Colour Options
600 Cabinet Drawer Inserts
Description Code
A (100mm Depth) ESDINSERT61A
D (150mm Depth) ESDINSERT65D
C (150mm Depth) ESDINSERT65C
B (150mm Depth) ESDINSERT65B
A (150mm Depth) ESDINSERT65A
D (200mm Depth) ESDINSERT62D
C (200mm Depth) ESDINSERT62C
B (200mm Depth) ESDINSERT62B
A (200mm Depth) ESDINSERT62A
D (100mm Depth) ESDINSERT61D
C (100mm Depth) ESDINSERT61C
B (100mm Depth) ESDINSERT61B
900 Cabinet Drawer Inserts
Description Code
B (150mm Depth) ESDINSERT95B
A (150mm Depth) ESDINSERT95A
D (200mm Depth) ESDINSERT92D
C (200mm Depth) ESDINSERT92C
B (200mm Depth) ESDINSERT92B
A (200mm Depth) ESDINSERT92A
D (100mm Depth) ESDINSERT91D
C (100mm Depth) ESDINSERT91C
B (100mm Depth) ESDINSERT91B
A (100mm Depth) ESDINSERT91A
D (150mm Depth) ESDINSERT95D
C (150mm Depth) ESDINSERT95C