Kenilworth Cycle Compounds

QMP's Kenilworth Compound Shelter, the premier of all compounds with it's attractive domed design and its heavy duty tough exterior makes this compound perfect for schools, colleges and the workplace. This compound is based on our Kenilworth Porch Shelter design but incorporates a much higher number of bikes. The Kenilworth Compound as standard is fitted with a security gate and vandal resistant features.

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Kenilworth Compound Shelters - Frame Colour Options
Kenilworth Compound - Galvanised
Size H.W.D Code
H.2230 W.5500 D.4000 SCKEN4055GOV
H.2230 W.5500 D.8000 SCKEN8055GOV
H.2230 W.5500 D.12000 SCKEN1255GOV
Kenilworth Compound - Powder Coated
Size H.W.D Code
H.2230 W.5500 D.4000 SCKEN4055GO
H.2230 W.5500 D.8000 SCKEN8055GO
H.2230 W.5500 D.12000 SCKEN1255GO