Workplace Cupboards

Our general use Workplace Cupboards offer a combination of storage space and security in the workplace. Each cupboard is made with strengthened steel doors and 2 point locking system to ensure that the contents are secure, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. These steel cupboards are perfect for everyday use within offices, industrial environments, warehouses and commercial environments.

  • The Workplace Cupboard shelves are galvanised and have a UDL of 70kg.
  • A secure 'No Snag' cupboard handle with 2-point locking.
  • Secure strengthened doors.
  • Wall cupboards are pre-drilled for mounting - fixings not supplied.
  • Powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology anti-bacterial paint - find out more about the Germ Guard paint here.
  • Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1.
  • Designed in the UK by QMP, a proud Cupboards Manufacturer.
  • Express delivery Workplace Cupboards available here.

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Workplace Cupboards - Colour Options
Workplace Cupboards - Extra Shelves
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
W.460 D.460 Extra Shelves CGES4646ZLXX.
W.900 D.460 Extra Shelves CGES9046ZLXX..
W.900 D.600 Extra Shelves CGES9060ZLXX.
W.1200 D.460 Extra Shelves CGES1246ZLXX..
W.1200 D.600 Extra Shelves CGES1260ZLXX.
W.600 D.460 Extra Shelves CGES6046ZLXX.
Workplace Cupboards - Floor
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.1200 W.900 D.460 2 CG129046Z
H.1800 W.1200 D.460 3 CG181246Z
H.1800 W.1200 D.610 3 CG181261Z
H.1800 W.600 D.460 3 CG186046Z
H.1800 W.900 D.460 3 CG189046Z
H.1800 W.900 D.610 3 CG189061Z
H.900 W.460 D.460 1 CG904646Z
H.900 D.900 D.460 2 CG909046Z
H.900 W.900 D.610 2 CG909061Z
Workplace Cupboards - Mobile
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.1040 W.900 D.460 2 CG109046M
H.1040 W.900 D.610 2 CG109061M
Workplace Cupboards - Wall Mounted
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.850 W.570 D.255 1 CG855725Z