Security Cupboards

Our range of heavy duty Security Cupboards provide an extra level of security for the storage of high value equipment and materials. Constructed from welded heavy gauge steel for strength combined with a superior anti-pick locking mechanism.

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Security Cupboards - Colour Options
Security Cupboards
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.1200 W.1200 D.460 2 CS121246Z
H.1200 W.900 D.460 2 CS129046Z
H.1800 W.1200 D.460 3 CS181246Z
H.1800 W.900 D.460 3 CS189046Z
H.900 D.460 D.460 1 CS904646Z
Security Cupboards - Extra Shelves
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
W.900 D.460 Extra Shelves CSES9046ZLXX
W.1200 D.460 Extra Shelves CSES1246ZLXX
W.460 D.460 Extra Shelves CSES4646ZLXX