CoSHH Cupboards

The CoSHH cupboard range help users to comply with the control of hazardous substances as demanded by the CoSHH regulations. The range of robust cupboards is suitable for all workplace environments such as industrial, general and commercial premises.

*Except wall mounted cupboards

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CoSHH Cupboard - Colour Options
CoSHH Cupboard - Stands
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
W.460 D.460 N/A CZST4646ZKXX
W.900 D.460 N/A CZST9046ZKXX
W.350 D.300 N/A CZST3530ZKXX
CoSHH Cupboards - Floor Chests
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.510 W.610 D.340 N/A CZ516134ZKXX
H.610 W.1170 D.460 N/A CZ611146ZKXX
CoSHH Cupboards - Floor Cupboard
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.1800 W.1200 D.460 3 CZ181246ZKXX
H.900 W.460 D.460 1 CZ904646ZKXX
H.700 W.350 D.300 1 CZ703530ZKXX
H.900 W.900 D.460 1 CZ909046ZKXX
H.1800 W.900 D.460 3 CZ189046ZKXX.
H.700 W.900 D.460 1 CZ709046ZKXX
H.1200 W.900 D.460 2 CZ129046ZKXX
CoSHH Cupboards - Mobile
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.1040 W.900 D.460 1 CZ109046MKXX
H.840 W.900 D.460 1 CZ849046MKXX
CoSHH Cupboards - Wall Mounted
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
H.570 W.850 D.255 1 CZ855725ZKXX
Hazardous / CoSHH Cupboards - Extra Shelves
Size H.W.D Shelves Code
W.460 D.460 Extra Shelves CZES4646Z*XX
W.900 D.460 Extra Shelves CZES9046Z*XX
W.1200 D.460 Extra Shelves CZES1246Z*XX
W.350 D.300 Extra Shelves CZES3530Z*XX