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What to consider when buying Cupboards?  

When choosing the right cupboard your workplace requirements, it is import to consider the appropriate design and style. Whether it’s a Hazardous or CoSHH Cupboard to help comply with regulations demanded by CoSHH or if it’s a general cupboard for everyday use within the workplace or something premium for the office, we really do have a cupboard for every individual need. Another thing to consider is size, here at QMP we manufacturer a range of sizes which gives the user an option based on their space.

Our stocked Cupboard range

A selection of best selling Cupboards are available on a 5 Working Day delivery service including our Workplace Cupboards and Hazardous Cupboards, we believe that ensuring quicker lead times for our core range of cupboards is essential for the industry.

Why choose UK manufactured Cupboards?

Many Cupboards are available on the market but you can’t always find quality and at the right price, at QMP you can. We have manufactured cupboards for the best part of 20 years and are a core part of our business. We ensure that high quality cupboards are placed in our stock ready for our distributors and are available at a competitive price.

When buying a cupboard for the workplace, choose a UK manufacturer, UK means quality.

Do you require further assistance with your Cupboard enquiry?

Let our fully trained and friendly sales team help with your enquiry, you’ll be sure to find the best solution for your requirements. Call sales on +44 (0)1384 899800 or alternatively email us at: