Computer Workstation Accessories

QMP offer a wide selection of accessories to complement our computer workstation range so no matter your specific requirements you're sure to find a configuration of accessories to suit your needs. These accessories are specifically designed for the computer workstation range, if you require accessories for another product then please consult the respective page. The computer workstation accessories range is made up of the following products;

  • Magnetic Pins (Pack of 6)
  • Backboard - Single Peg Board
  • Ringbinder Holder - Double Width
  • Mobile Base With Castors
  • Backboard - Double Magnet & Peg
  • Extra Shelf - Single Width
  • Tool Clip Kit (Pack Of 6)
  • Backboard - Single Magnetic
  • Extra Shelf - Double Width
  • Sloping Top

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Computer Workstation Accessories - Colour Options
Computer Workstation Accessories
Description Code
Backboard - Single Magnetic DKBACKSMAGXX
Extra Shelf - Double Width ITWFDSHELF90
Magnetic Pins (Pack Of 6) DKMAGPINQXXX.
Backboard - Single Peg Board DKBACKSPEGXX
Ringbinder Holder - Double Width ITWRHOLDER82
Mobile Base With Castors DKCASTORXXXX.
Backboard - Double Magnet & Peg DKBACKBDXXXX.
Sloping Top ITSLOPT3245X
Extra Shelf - Single Width ITWFSSHELF48
Tool Clip Kit (Pack Of 6) BETCLIPSXXXX.