Canteen Furniture

What Should You Consider When Buying Canteen Furniture?

When buying canteen tables, it is important to choose the appropriate design and style for your workplace. Our range of Standard Canteen Furniture is ideal for a variety of environments including schools, colleges, office buildings and cafes. The durable worktops with ergonomic round edged design and heavy duty all-steel frame provides strength and durability. However, our Spectrum Canteen Furniture is better suited for industrial environments such as factories, oil rigs, engineering facilities and transport hubs. This is due to the fully welded framework and perforated steel seats, which are easy to clean and will withstand wear & tear from regular use. The Premium Canteen Tables have an attractive round tube design with modern, high quality moulded plastic seats.

Best Selling Canteen Tables

Our cost-effective Standard Canteen Tables are a very popular choice and carry the advantage of being kept in stock, meaning that they are available within 5 Working Days.

What are the Benefits of Buying from a UK Manufacturer?

We design and manufacture all our Canteen Furniture in the UK, with quality and strength at the core of each canteen unit design. Our range combines durable design with competitive pricing, meaning that you're sure to find the right canteen furniture for your place of work.

Be sure to choose a UK manufacturer for Canteen Furniture - UK means quality.

Do you require further assistance with your canteen enquiry?

Let our fully trained and friendly sales team help with your enquiry, you'll be sure to find the best solution for your requirements. Call sales on +44 (0)1384 899800 or alternatively email us at: