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Robust, Scratch Resistant Laminate Door Lockers

Posted on September 18th 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

Laminate Lockers   New Storage Lockers for a new term, the scratch resistant Laminate Door Lockers are perfect for secondary schools or colleges! Not only are they extremely robust and manufactured with a high gauge of steel, but also offer a hard wearing Laminate door. Within schools the doors normally see the most wear and tear, so we offer a solution to ensure that school’s are covered. The durable Laminate doors fit snug inside the locker frame, ...read more

QMP’s UK Manufactured Canteen Furniture

Posted on September 11th 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

Canteen Furniture Thumbnail Built To Last, Durable UK Manufactured Canteen Seating When buying canteen tables for your workplace, it is important to choose the appropriate design and style to suit your requirements. We manufactured 3 designs including our Standard Canteen, Spectrum and Premium. Each design is manufactured to the highest standards and equally have the same durability and robustness throughout. Our Canteen Benches are perfect for areas such as schools, colleges, office buildings, cafes, industrial factories, oil rigs ...read more

Why choose a UK Manufacturer for Workshop Workbenches?

Posted on September 4th 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

UK Thumb Why choose a UK Workbench Manufacturer? Every workbench design differs dependent on the manufacturer, but often you’ll find that with other industrial workbenches on the market you’ll be choosing between a low price or a high quality, but here at QMP, we say why can’t you have both? We have manufactured high quality steel workshop benches for over 50 years and have perfected both the design and efficiency of the manufacturing process. Our UK workbenches ...read more

QMP’s Workplace Lockers

Posted on August 28th 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

Lockers When it comes to choosing the right locker for the job, here at QMP we have a various choice of steel lockers to choose from! Whether it’s standard storage lockers you require, our Standard Lockers and Express Lockers would be perfect for the job, if it’s for more of a specific use including lockers for Schools or areas such as gyms or leisure centres, then the Splash Lockers fit the job! We have industrial lockers ...read more

Perfect Executive Lockers & Cupboards To Kit Out Your Office

Posted on August 21st 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

Sleek office storage Executive Lockers These Executive Lockers provide any workplace a premium storage solution. A durable steel body with the choice of attractive door fascias and high end glossy end panels. The secure lockers are available in a number of compartment sizes to suit your requirements and are perfect for areas such as offices or reception areas. This design of locker comes fitted with a standard cam lock, but are available with various locking ...read more

Secure Storage Cupboards For The Workplace

Posted on August 14th 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

Security Cupboards QMP’s range of Security Cupboards, perfect for the workplace When it comes to storing high valuable equipment or materials within the workplace, a standard workplace cupboard might not be correct for the job. That is why we have designed and manufactured an extremely robust all-steel fully welded Security Cupboard. These cupboards not only provide secure storage but are available in a range of sizes to suit all requirements. The Standard Range… Our Security Cupboards provide ...read more

The Ideal Workshop Storage Cupboards

Posted on August 7th 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

  Our Multi-Storage Cupboards are an excellent storage method within the workplace, with a robust structure manufactured from a high quality gauge of steel, durable hard wearing perspex doors, integrated heavy duty tooling storage and a perforated backboard ideal for use with our clip mix kits which are designed to securely store hand tools.   Why are the Multi-Storage Cupboards perfect for your workshop? Whether it’s heavy duty workshop storage you require or high quality ...read more

What are the CoSHH Regulations and how can your workplace comply?

Posted on August 1st 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

Security Cupboards When in the workplace employers and employees are required by the law to control substances that are hazardous health. The CoSHH Regulations 2002 – (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) were put into place to prevent or reduce workers to exposure of harmful hazardous substances. Most businesses today use substances within the workplace. These could harm employees therefore the correct storage for hazardous substances are a must to comply with the law.   What substances ...read more

🔥🔥 Hot Off The Press… The Pack Tek Workbench System

Posted on July 27th 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

Pack Tek Workbenches 🔥🔥 Hot off the press… our latest edition to our Workbenches range… The Pack Tek Packaging Benches We manufacture an extensive range of high quality steel workshop workbenches, with the newest edition to the ”Workbench Family” being The Pack Tek Packaging Benches. These workbenches have been designed to offer the user flexibility and maximum efficiency when used in packing environments and production lines. Within this range, there are two designs available including the Pack Tek ...read more

QMP’s First Aid Storage Range

Posted on July 24th 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

First Aid Storage Cupboards We design and manufacture a high quality range of first aid storage products that are perfect for any workplace. This range includes First Aid Cube Lockers, First Aid Storage Cupboards, First Aid Security Cupboards, First Aid Wall Mounted Cabinets, Defibrillator Cabinets and the First Aid Workstations. All of these high quality products are designed to provide the workplace with secure lockable storage space for first aid supplies and equipment. First Aid Cube Lockers Our small, ...read more