FAQ: Workbenches

Posted on February 18th 2020 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

How High Are Workbenches?

Workbench heights can differ depending on whether it is a height adjustable or a standard static workbench. The QMP standard workbenches such as the Square Tube, Cantilever and Heavy Duty Benches are available at 840mm as standard, with the option of either 760mm or 920mm. We also manufacture a range of Height Adjustable Benches with range from the lowest height of 660mm to the highest height of 1300mm.

How Deep Is a Standard Workbench?

As standard, the depth of a workbench is normally around 750mm deep. However, our workbench ranges are available with a further two choices of depths, these being 600mm and 900mm. We also have 3 choices of widths to suit the user requirements, these are available with either 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm.

What to Use Workbenches For?

Within the workplace, workbenches can be used for all sorts of applications. Our Standard range can be used within assembly or production lines, whereas, our Heavy Duty benches are perfect for areas such as industrial or engineering areas. We also have a range of ESD Workbenches which are great for the electronics industry.

What Workbench Is Best for the Electronics Industry?

The best type of Workbench to use within the electronics industry is one that protects the user from an electrostatic charge. QMP’s range of ESD Benches does that by an ESD wrist strap that attaches to the bench and the user. This ensures that the user is earthed at all times. Available in the ESD range are; Square Tube ESD, Cantilever ESD & Premium Height Adjustable ESD Benches.

Is MDF a Good Workbench Top?

MDF, otherwise known by its full name, Medium-Density Fireboard. MDF is a strong worktop and is great for all types of environments. Manufactured by turning hardwood or softwood into fibres, and combining with wax and a resin binder. This top is available on our standard range of workbenches. Also available are Laminate, Solid Beech and Linoleum Worktops.

What Does UDL Mean on a Workbench?

UDL stands for Uniformly Distributed Load and is used to explain how much weight can be safely placed upon the workbench. We have various workbench UDL’s throughout our range. Our Standard range of workbenches is based at 240KG UDL, whereas, our Heavy Duty bench range has an impressive 1200KG UDL.

What Is a Lab Bench?

A short term ‘Lab Bench’ is from Laboratory Bench. This is a design of workbench that is used within a laboratory or is suitable to be within those environments.

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