FAQ: Safety & Industrial Barriers

Posted on November 13th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

How do Safety Barriers work?

Safety Barriers work as a protection to the user or item. For example walkway safety barriers are for the safety of the staff / user, whereas industrial safety barriers are used for going around machinery or to protect machinery from any unwanted damage.

What are Safety Barriers?

A safety barrier is a highly visible barrier usually powder coated yellow, that prevents and protects any unwanted damaged to warehouse racking or machinery. Safety Barriers may also be protection for staff to control or define a walkway.

4 reasons you need Safety Barriers in the warehouse?

  • Protect items such as machinery or warehouse racking
  • Defining a walkway offering a safe walkway through a warehouse or industrial workshop
  • Each workplace has a health and safety policy, which details barriers if need to be added to protect staff
  • Reduce any accidental damage to equipment or stock

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