FAQ: Lockers

Posted on September 16th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

What Lockers are the best for gyms?

Any particular Locker design is great for a gym, however, the best locks to use within a gym are Latch Locks. These are excellent for gyms as the user can use their own padlock to secure their items. Check out our Standard Lockers here which have the option for swivel latch locks to be fitted.

Why do Lockers have vents?

Almost all steel storage lockers have vents. The purpose of these vents is to allow airflow to get into the locker offering ventilation to any items being stored. The QMP Steel Lockers have ventilation feathers at the top corner of the locker.

What are Standard Locker sizes?

Standard Lockers come in set sizes with all of the standard lockers being the height of 1800mm. These lockers come with the choice of widths and depths which include;
▪ 1800H x 300W x 300D
▪ 1800H x 300W x 450D
▪ 1800H x 380W x 380D
▪ 1800H x 450W x 450D

What are the best Lockers for schools?

The best lockers for schools are the lower height lockers. Normally around the sizes of either 900mm, 1100mm or 1365mm high. Manufacturing to these sizes allows for children at all school ages to use them. Click here for our School Lockers

Can Lockers have power outlets?

Yes, lockers can be fitted with power charging plugs built into the compartments. These are great for mobile phones, hand tools or laptop & tablet charging. Each locker unit is to be plugged into the mains by one lead fitted to the carcass of the lockers to allow charge to each compartment.

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