Industrial Safety Barriers

Posted on July 23rd 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

Why is it important to use Safety Barriers within the workplace?

It is extremely important to make sure safety measures are in place when in the workplace to protect the employees and to comply with the law with regards to the safety of the workers. We design and manufacture a range of steel high quality safety and warehouse Barriers. These Barriers are ideal for use within industrial factories, warehouses or factory shop floors. Each Barrier is powder coated in a highly visible yellow paint making these perfect for their purpose. All of our Barriers have an all-steel fully welded construction and offer the workplace a perfect solution for cost-effective safety.

What Safety Barriers do QMP offer for the workplace?

Lift Out Barrier Rails & Round Tube Barrier Rails

Our Lift-Out Barrier Rails are designed to offer an easy removable rail which allows access to an area if required. These are constructed from a heavy gauge of steel and are perfect for areas such as walkways, warehouse facilities or industrial workshops. The Round Tube Barrier Rails are again designed for areas such as walkways, in warehouses or industrial workshops, but have a fixed round tube rail. Unlike the Lift-Out Barriers, these rails are not removable.


Low Level Barriers

The Industrial Low Level Barriers are manufactured to protect around machinery or items that are located at a lower height. These are ideal for use within factories for where fork lift or pump trucks are frequently used. Each of these Barriers are manufactured from a heavy gauge box steel section and are powder coated high visible yellow or sleek jet black.


Fully Welded Barriers

Within the Fully Welded Barrier range is various Barrier designs which include Corner units Gate units and Straight Barriers. These Barrier’s are designed with an open area or with a mesh infill panel. These are great for defining walkways around machinery within a factory or manufacturing plants, or within warehouses.


Protective Posts

This range of Barrier posts are perfect for protecting building doorways from any accidental damaged which may occur from pump trucks or fork lift trucks. The Protective Posts are available in 3 sizes with 3 powder-coated colour choices including high visible yellow, sleek jet black or yellow and black striped. These Barriers are great for areas such as manufacturing areas, warehouse facilties and general workplace environments.


Modular Barriers

Our high quality range of Modular Barriers offer protection for end of pallet racking bays within warehouses from any accidental damage from pump trucks or fork lift trucks. This great racking safety measure is perfect for use within warehouses or industrial workshops. This range is available in various sizes depending of how long a pallet racking bay is, whether the Barriers are to be suited for a single or double bay.


Guard Barriers

Our Guard Barriers are manufactured from robust tubular steel with a fully welded construction and are available in various designs. These come available as a Corner Barrier, Long Straight Barrier, Pillar Guard Barriers and a Short Barrier. By having these different Barrier variations this means the user can protect shelving or racking area or design a secure walkway though industrial environments or manufacturing zones.


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