Why choose a UK Manufacturer for Workshop Workbenches?

Posted on September 4th 2018 by Rebecca Brophy.

UK Manufactured

Why choose a UK Workbench Manufacturer?

Every workbench design differs dependent on the manufacturer, but often you’ll find that with other industrial workbenches on the market you’ll be choosing between a low price or a high quality, but here at QMP, we say why can’t you have both? We have manufactured high quality steel workshop benches for over 50 years and have perfected both the design and efficiency of the manufacturing process. Our UK workbenches are among the best in the business and still are available at a competitive price.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality products at competitive prices, and have many best selling industrial workbenches within our product range. Whether it is workbenches for a workshop, packaging areas, garage fit-out, laboratories or hospitals, offices, assembly or production areas or the electronic industry, we have many steel benches to suit your workplace requirements. Below are a few of our best selling workbenches of many within the range. ?? Click here for our Complete range of Workshop Workbenches ??


Some of QMP’s best selling Steel Workbenches…

Square Tube

Square Tube Workbenches

When choosing a workbench for standard use, then our Square Tube Workbenches are perfect! These high quality benches are suitable for use within general workshops, such as production or light engineering, offering a weight load of 250KG UDL. These steel benches are one of popular sellers and are available in a selection of sizes to suit your workshop, with 4 different hard wearing worktop options including; Solid Beech, Laminate, MFC and Linoleum.

Worktop Options Banner

Image result for esd logo Also available… These workbenches are also available with ESD properties, which are great for use within the electronic industry! Check the ESD range out here.


Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Workbenches

Our Heavy Duty Workbenches have a fully welded construction and are perfect for heavy duty applications within industrial, engineering or manufacturing facilities, with an impressive weight load of 1200KG. These built to last benches are available in a selection of sizes including 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm to suit your workshop requirements. The sleek graphite grey framework is fully welded for extra strength and durability, and have a wide range of below and above workbench accessories.

Worktop Options Steel + 3

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Workbenches

The sleek brushed Stainless Steel Workbenches are ideal for use within food preparation areas such as kitchens or catering facilities, hospitals or laboratories or where hygiene is essential. These benches are manufactured from a high gauge of stainless steel of 1.5mm, and have a fully welded constructed framework for extra durability through the workbench. An added bonus for this bench is the worktop is easy remoavble to clean thoroughly, with the option for above and below matching stainless steel accessories.

Worktop Options stainless steel



Electric Binary Height Adjustable Workbenches

Our sit or stand Binary Height Adjustable Workbenches are perfect for any workshop with 3 variations of workbenches in this range. The 3 designs available include, Electric Height Adjustable which allows the user to easily adjust the workbench between 660mm to 1300mm high by a two-button switch, Manual Electric Height Adjustable Workbench which can be adjusted of a variety of heights between 730mm to 960mm by an Allen key system, and last but not least the Fixed Binary Workbenches which are available in a selection of heights included 750mm, 840mm & 20mm, the height that you require are to be discussed at the time of order as the height adjustable features for this design is manufactured to your specific order. Each design of the Binary Workbenches are sleek, robust and suitable for everyday use within the workplace.

Worktop Options beech and lam



QMP’s Stocked Industrial Workbenches

Why wait? We believe that offering our steel workbenches on an express delivery lead time is essential for the industry. We have carefully selected our core best selling benches are placed them into stock in our warehouse. We are able to offer on our 5 Working Day Delivery Service, our general purpose Square Tube Workbenches and Cantilever design both available as a standard steel workbench and ESD range, and our Industrial Heavy Duty Workbenches.


For more information on the Workbenches range or help with your workshop bench enquiry, why not speak to our friendly experienced sales team on? 44+ (0) 1384 899800 or alternative e-mail us on sales@qmp.uk.com.