Cycle To Work – Health Factors

Posted on May 10th 2018 by Rebecca Brophy.

Cycle Shelters

 Cycling to work benefits: How can cycling to work improve your health…

Many people cycle to work with this being an ongoing popular method to travel, but what benefits does cycling to work have?

  1. Don’t be a grump! Nobody likes a traffic jam, sitting in a car for a journey that should normally take you 10 minutes and has now turned into an hour trip. Getting stressed over traveling to work dampens your mood, making this an impact your working day.
  2. Problem sleeping? It is no surprise that exercise can help you sleep, therefore cycling to work not only gets you there quicker than by car but also helps with your mental well-being.
  3. Getting fitter – We all sometimes feel the pressure of balancing your working life and home life when it comes to gym sessions, so why not make things easier? Cycling to work not only saves you time but also gets you fitter too.

Dalton Cycle Shelters, Cycle Compound Shelters, Traditional Cycle Rack

Somewhere to park your bike?

Cycling to work or school is a great way to travel, but you also need somewhere to store your bicycle. With our extensive range of Cycle Shelters, Cycle Compounds and Bike Racks, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bike storage option for your workplace or school.


Dudley Cycle Shelter

A Cycle Shelter that’s cost effective?

If you need bike storage but have a budget to work with, the Dudley Cycle Shelter covers all aspects. A cycle shelter range that offers great bike storage for up to 10 cycles, high quality and fits budgetary requirements. This design combines contemporary features with the choice of a 2m or 4m cycle shelter, and a wide choice of colour options including red, green, blue, black and light grey. We believe having colour options available for our cycle shelters allows you to colour match to your brand or outdoor furniture.


Compound Cycle Shelters, Kenilworth Compound Shelter

A large capacity Cycle Shelter?

Bigger companies with vast outdoor space may require a larger capacity cycle shelter.  If this is the case, then our Cycle Compound and Kenilworth Compound would fit perfectly, with the storage capacity for up to 48 bikes. Both ranges are highly robust and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The Cycle Compound features a stylish look with curved roof and lockable decorative gate, where as the Kenilworth Compound is designed simple with a dome design and security gate.


Wall Mounted Cycle Shelters

A Smaller capacity Cycle Shelter?

If your workplace only requires something small but still needs secure space for bicycles, then our then our Wall Mounted Cycle Shelter is perfect. This cost effective robust range is what we like to call ”all-weather constructed”, this means the wall mounted cycle shelter is sturdy enough for harsh weather conditions. No need to buy separate bike racks either, this shelter comes complete with a wall mounted bike rack perfectly storing up to 8 bikes. Available in a selection of colours including which is a great way to colour match your brand or outdoor furniture colour scheme.


Cost Saver Wall Mounted Cycle Racks, Sheffield Cycle Loops, Sheffield Cycle Racks

Or just a simple bike rack?

If it’s a small number of bikes to be stored, then our cycle racks are ideal. We manufacture an extensive range of bike racks to choose from which include floor mounted and wall mounted options. Our most popular wall mounted cycle rack is the Cost Saver range, a perfect way for small bike storage that fixes securely to an outside wall. Our floor mounted bike racks again we have a wide range to choose from, but the best sellers are the Sheffield Loops and Racks, offering the workplace a quick and easy bike storage solution. With our bike racks covering all different workplace needs, you’ll be sure to find the perfect option for your workplace.


Do you require further information on our Cycle Shelters or assistance with your bike storage enquiry?

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