Keep Power Tools Safe Whilst Charging With QMP’s Tool Charging Storage Lockers

Posted on May 2nd 2018 by Rebecca Brophy.

Tool Charging Lockers

Our Tool Charging Lockers provide safe and secure charging of power tools whilst in the workplace

Does your workplace use power tools?

In industrial environments it’s very common for power tools to be used on shop floors. With an almost certain number of daily usage, and for some employees the thought of going to use a power tool and finding the tool without charge can be very frustrating.

This is why, not only have we manufactured a robust locker for secure storage but have incorporated into the design an ”in-compartment” charging facility. This steel locker range has been designed with various features to suit your requirements including the choice of perforated or solid doors, standard plug socket or RCD plugs, different lock options to the standard cam locks such as latch lock, combination padlock or digital keypad lock, a range of sizes and compartment options and finally a wide vibrant colour options including red, green, light blue, dark blue, yellow or light grey.

By using our Tool Charging Lockers, you not only have a secure storage space, but you save the frustration of seeing flashing red lights or the out of juice battery symbol, having a FULLY CHARGED power tool can also be very time efficient!


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