QMP’s Binary Height Adjustable Workbench System

Posted on March 20th 2018 by Rebecca Brophy.

Binary Workbench Benefits

Make a difference to your workplace with our Binary Electric Height Adjustable Workbenches


Our range of fully modular Binary Workbenches are the premium solution for any workshop with it’s height adjustable technology. Workplaces are seeing more and more height adjustable benches being installed into offices due to their health and well-being benefits. By using height adjustable benches allows employees to get regular movement out of their seated workstation and has a number of proven benefits including helping to lower blood sugar levels, lower risk of Heart Disease, reduce back pain and help improve mood and energy levels which is great to boost productivity levels within the workplace.

These benches are available in a range of sizes with the choice of two hard wearing worktops including 30mm Thick Laminate and 27mm Thick Solid Beech. With an impressive weight load of 240KG UDL, these workshop benches make it easy to use everyday.

The full range of Binary Workbenches…. Including our Electric Height Adjustable Workbenches, these are also available as a Manual workbench which is easily adjusted by an Allen Key or our Fixed Height benches available at 3 fixed height positions of 750mm, 840mm and 920mm.

How to use a standing desk?

  • Maintain the correct posture when standing – don’t slouch over a higher desk, use this as a guideline to help stand up in the correct position
  • Alternate between sitting and standing
  • Adjust your desk and screen to eye level with standing or sitting
  • Purchase an anti-fatigue mat designed to reduce fatigue when standing for long periods of time

Binary Workbench Screenshot

For more information on our Height Adjustable Bench System, or for help with your workshop bench enquiry, speak to our experience friendly sales team on ? 44+ (0) 1384 899800 or alternatively email us at ?sales@qmp.uk.com