QMP’s Anti-Static Benches

Posted on February 9th 2018 by Rebecca Brophy.

ESD Worbenches

Have no nasty ”Shocks” with our ESD Workbench Range

Our Square Tube ESD Workbenches and Cantilever ESD Workbenches are an ideal range to use within the electronic industry. These benches ensure protection to the user from an electrostatic charge and have an impressive weight load of 250KG UDL. A range of anti-static accessories are also available with our workbenches including; Service Ducts with Insulating Strip, Anti-Static Floor Matting, Galvanised Louvre Panels and ESD Workshop Seating.

Why wait? We understand that lead time is an important factor when purchasing products, that’s why we stock a range of our best selling sizes in the Anti-Static Bench. These are available on a 5 working day delivery from our warehouse.


How does the ESD Workbenches protect the user?

When working within the electronics industry, it is vital that the user is protected. Our Anti-Static Bench include a wrist strap which is attached to the bench and then worn whilst using electronic devices. Using this wrist strap ensures that the user is earthed to the bench.


Whats the difference between the two worktop options?

Neostat – This choice of worktop is a synthetic rubber based sheet of material that covers over MDF core and has a lightly embossed texture to eliminate glare. This worktop is highly resilient to heat, hot solder and flux resistant.

Lamstat – A hard wearing quality worktop with 20mm thick chipboard with a Lamstat 1.8mm thickness. This type of worktop has a chemical resistance to organic solvents, weak acids, aklaine, petrol and oil.

Worktop Options Neostat Lamstat


Need help with your ESD Bench enquiry?

Why not contact our friendly sales team for more information and to discuss your options. Call us on ? +44 (0) 1384 899800, or alternative email us at ?  sales@qmp.uk.com