Keep Laptops & Tablets Secure When Charging

Posted on January 23rd 2018 by Rebecca Watson.

Laptop Charging Lockers

QMP’s Laptop & Tablet Storage Lockers

Our range of Laptop & Tablet Storage Lockers are designed to provide a secure space for Laptops whilst in the workplace. The high quality, cost effective range has a robust structure with various compartments and door sizes. These lockers are designed with piano hinges which provide extra security to the unit.

Available in the Laptop & Tablet Storage Laptop Locker range;

  • 8 Tiers, 8 Doors
  • 8 Tiers, 1 Door
  • 12 Tiers, 12 Doors
  • 12 Tiers, 1 Door

Keep them secure whilst charging!

Also available in our Laptop & Tablet Lockers are our Charging Lockers. This is a great way to keep the lockers secure when in the workplace whilst charging them. With ventilated compartments this allows for heat dissipation from the Laptop. The Laptop Charging range have a 3 pin plug socket permitting the user to use their own charging cable. These lockers are CE tested and meet the EU safety requirements.

Available in the Laptop & Tablet Charging Trolleys;

  • 8 Tiers, 2 Doors
  • 16 Tiers, 2 Doors
  • 16 Tiers, 4 Doors

See our Laptop Locker range in action…

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