NEW: QMP’s Pack Tek Packaging Workbenches

Posted on January 4th 2018 by Rebecca Brophy.

QMP PakTek Workbench System

Coming soon from QMP… The new Pack Tek Workbench System!


This modular packing system comprises of a range of high quality Packing equipment, including our workshop bench with optional accessories such as a cutting knife, above and below roll holders, upper shelves and packing trolleys. Our Packing Trolleys are a great way to transport packages around the workshop and help keep your workplace efficient and productive.

A safe and ergonomic modular packing work station that will make packing, processing and despatching quick and easy. Supplied as standard with a Laminate hard wearing worktop with a range of workbench accessories including upper shelves which are an ideal way to store stationery or small containers, making sure the items are tidy, well organised and packing materials on hand for users for an efficient packing station.

Designed to take the weight! This robust packing workstation provides a fully steel constructed bench with an impressive weight load of 250KG.

PakTek Accessories

For more information on our new range of Packing Workbench, email our friendly marketing department at ?


For UK manufactured Packing Workbenches, QMP aim to be your automatic choice