Why Choose QMP’s Canteen Furniture?

Posted on October 24th 2017 by Adam Lowe.

Why Choose QMP's Canteen Furniture?

When it comes to canteen and refreshment areas there is usually a wide variety of variables that companies consider when choosing the equipment. Not only are cost and quality a consideration but businesses also need to take into consideration colour options and lead time. Here at QMP we aim to cover all bases with our standard canteen range and take the stress out of deciding for your business. Why choose from either cost or quality, colour or lead time? Why not have all of these things?

QMP Canteen Furniture Options

Our canteen furniture range is built on choice and variety. We have seating configurations of 2, 4 and 6 seats with the 4 and 6 seater options also coming in single and double entry variety. Single entry units, like those seen above, are great for placing against walls and in the corner of rooms to maximise the seating area in your available space. With so many seating options our standard range is really dynamic and can be tailored to fit any industrial and workplace environment.

Modern businesses know the importance of brand awareness and when it comes to choosing the design and colour scheme of your workplace it’s important to that it reflects your companies brand. This gives your workplace a crafted and professional feel and makes your employees feel a part of your company brand at all times throughout the workplace. QMP are a big believer in this so we offer our canteen furniture in three distinct colour schemes, deep blue, jet black and crimson red, ensuring you’re sure to have a colour option to suit your workplace.

Heathrow Canteen Area

In the competitive, fast-moving world of modern enterprise it is important that not only do you have the exact product you need but you have it as soon as you need it. That’s why we’ve placed the blue seat variant of our standard canteen furniture into our 5 Day Delivery range. This means that no matter how quickly your organisation moves, you’ll have the products you need on hand.

If you’d like to see more about the Standard Canteen range, or any of the other products across our canteen range then click here!

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