The Buyer’s Guide to Lockers

Posted on October 10th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

The Buyer's Guide To Lockers

Where to start? When choosing the right Locker for the job there are many aspects to think about and can be quite mind boggling… we’re here to help!

Let us guide you into buying the right Industrial Lockers for the job!

So here’s your starting point…



Everyone has a budget to work with, why should workplace Lockers be any different? With many Lockers available on the market and so competitively priced, it isn’t that easy to find COST EFFECTIVE & QUALITY all in the same place. That’s why with our range you can be sure to find both price & quality ticks the right boxes.


There are many features that a Locker may need for a specific purpose, such as charging facilities for either tools, Laptops or tablets, if the Lockers are going into a school or a nursery and require a smaller height to suit or if smaller compartments are needed for personal belongings.


The type of area the Lockers will be situated in also plays a key pointer in the selection of Lockers, for example if going into either a Gym, changing rooms or where frequent washing down is required. If going into any Schools or nursery’s a colourful smaller height Locker would be ideal, as a pose to Lockers going into an office which would require more of a professional premium feel. Another area which we find features Lockers is industrial factory floors, this type of area would need a heavy duty gauge of steel or secure locker facilities.


Are the Lockers required by adults or children? This is a main point for height reasons – For Adult Lockers we offer as standard across the range the height of 1800H, whereas the if the Lockers are going to be situated in a school or nursery the height needs to be ideal for the Children, as standard our School Lockers are at a height of 1365H.


We have a wide range of locks to suit our Lockers, as standard each compartment is supplied with a cam lock and 2 keys. However, we have options for padlocks, digital keypads, moisture resistant locks, combination padlocks, coin returns and coin retain locks – a lock for every occasion!

Lock Options


This plays a huge factor when choosing the right Lockers, a quick ship lead time is a paramount – that’s why we offer a range of express delivery lockers including our Express Lockers & Personal Effects Lockers. Both of these Locker styles are featured on our 5 day delivery service. Our other range of Lockers are also have an attractive lead time! 


Our Lockers are delivered built up and ready to use almost instantly and packed securely to minimise any damages during transportation. We offer an INSTALLATION service which includes the Lockers being delivered to your customers premises, unpackaging, moving from the delivery point to point of use and positioning as requested – we really do cover everything!


Well you’ve read about our extensive Locker range, are these still not ideal for your requirements? We understand that in some user’s cases this can only be met by a specially designed product. We offer a BESPOKE service may suit your needs by either adapting our standard design to suit specific requirements or different colours choices to our standard range (POA).

Bespoke Lockers

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