How To Use The QMP Image Library

Posted on August 14th 2017 by Rebecca Brophy.


A step by step guide to using the QMP Image Library…

QMP has created an online image portal of all product images, blurbs and specification sheets to ensure the up to date images and information are available to QMP’s network of distributors.

  1. From the downloads section located on the QMP website an online form is available for the distributor to complete with all their contact details.



2. The request is then sent to our Marketing team to process the distributors details to open an image account. All requests are dealt with within a timely manner and aim to be processed within 24 hours (requests made out of business hours may take longer). An email is then sent to the distributor containing login details and a password to access the account. Please note user log in details are valid for 30 days.



3. A login page is also included on the email, follow the link for the login page. This will open an internet page for the distributor to enter the provided email address and password allocated to the account.



4. Once logged into the QMP image library, the choice of product categories containing all QMP product images; including colour options if applicable for the product.

There are 2 ways to search for a product image……

  • By product SKU / Code as each image featured on the image library is named by product SKU / Code. This allows the distributor to search for a specific product using the spyglass located at the top right hand of the page.
  • Viewing the product images by simply clicking on the folder of the chosen category.



5. If the images required are from a specific category, for example ‘Lockers’, then by clicking into the folder allows access to all the appropriate products associated to this category.



6. The Express Lockers category contains all product images include all group shots, single images in all available colours and specification sheets with our catalogue product description . Once choosing which image you require there are 3 resolutions to choice from, including low res, medium res or high res. When downloading the images, they shall be be downloaded to your PC and located in your files / downloads.



For more information do not hesitate to contact Rebecca in our marketing team on Alternatively for more information please speak to our friendly sales team on +44 (01384 899800) EXT 1.