QMP ‘Am Chuffed’ To Be Celebrating Black Country Day

Posted on July 12th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

The Bostin Black Country Day 

Friday 14th July


What is the Black Country?


The Black Country gained it’s name during the mid-nineteenth century from the smoke from many industries including ironworking foundries, forges and the working of the coal seams.. The Black Country areas are Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

With it’s own dialect, the way Black Country Folk spake is perhaps one of the last examples of the early English and is still spoken today.

Some examples of the most commonly used words in the Black Country dialect;

  • “Yow” = “You”
  • “Yam” = “You are”
  • “Am” = “Are”
  • “Arm” = “I’m”
  • “Bin” = “Been”
  • “Cut”= “Canal”
  • “Gewin” or “Gooin” = “Going”
  • “Tar” = “Thanks
  • “Ah’m” = “I’m”
  • “Thay” = “They”
  • “Oss” = “Horse”
  • “Tekkin” = “Taking”
  • “Ay/Ayn” = “Aint”
  • “Ova” = “Over”
  • “Cud” = “Could”
  • “Wammal” = “Dog”
  • “Aer Kid” or “Kidda” = young relative, a sibling or friend
  • “Arr” = “Yes”
  • “Warra” = “What a”
  • “Wossant” or “War/wor” = “Wasn’t” e.g. “it war/wor ‘im”
  • “Blartin” = “Crying”
  • “Babbie” or “Babby” = “Baby”
  • “Me/Mar” = “My”
  • “Kaylied” = “Drunk”
  • “Arl” = “I’ll”
  • “Nah” = “No”
  • “Saft” = “Daft” or “mad”
  • “Dow” = “Don’t”
  • “Tat” = “Junk”
  • “Tatting” = “Collecting scrap metal”
  • “Werk” = “Work”
  • “Loff/Laff” = “Laugh”
  • “Yed” = “Head”
  • “Jed” = “Dead”
  • “Summat” = “Something”
  • “Mekkin” = “Making”


The history of the QMP site:

The River Stour Works of Timmis Brothers (later Timmis & Co Ltd) was located on The Stourbridge Railway just to the west of Lye station. The works was started by G.H.Timmis and his brother J.A.Timmis to mine clay from underneath Stourbridge and Amblecote. The company was established around 1871, by 1882 they were sending out clay via rail from their own siding connected to the Great Western Railway.


In 1945 the company is registered as having five mines at the River Stour Works at Amblecote Bank.


The River Stour Works is now an industrial estate, with the road being appropriately called ”Timmis Road”, which is where QMP are based.

To learn more about QMP visit our website and our history



We’em proud to be a Black Country Business! It’s great ay it!