The QMP Workbench Guide

Posted on July 11th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

The Workbench Guide

When purchasing a Workbench you have three things in mind… quality… budget… and lead time!

Our Square Tube & Cantilever Workbenches have all three covered!


These style workbenches are apart of a wide range of QMP workshop benches but one of our best selling range. Many of our customer base require a general purpose workbench, strong, durable and suitable for everyday use. This range is perfect for areas such as assembly, production lines, warehouse and light industrial engineering, these being a few of the areas where these benches can be situated.

Binary Workbench - Worktop Options

– Quality –

We believe that when buying a bench quality is a paramount factor in the purchase, with a strong steel framework and hard wearing worktop, QMP’s Square Tube and Cantilever Workbench range offers high quality to the user. QMP offer a bench weight load of 250KG UDL, and a choice of durable worktops including MFC 18mm Thick, Laminate 20mm Thick, Linoleum 20mm Thick or Solid Beech 27mm Thick. Our Laminate & Solid Beech worktop are our best selling worktops and are feature as a worktop option in the express delivery range. A sturdy bench for when in working use all day is a must and we can offer this with our UK manufactured workbenches.

– Budget –

Pricing… to QMP this is another main point in helping our customers choose a workbench for there specific requirements. We have a wide range of workbenches for different purposes starting from our basic cost effective but best selling range, the Square Tube and Cantilever, to our more heavy duty industrial benches. Our economical workshop benches are priced competitively for the high quality and offer the workplace an everyday bench for an affordable price.

– Lead time –

 Best selling sizes and worktop options in our Square Tube & Cantilever workbench range have been carefully selected to offer our network of customers a high quality bench on an express lead time. These chosen workbenches are kept in stock in our warehouse and are picked and despatched for an express delivery service of 5 working days. At QMP we aim high in achieving a quick lead time for your customer, why wait for a workbench for 2 weeks? When you can have one delivered to your customers door ready to be unpacked and assembled 5 working days after purchase.

 Binary Workbench - Accessories Range


Optional Accessories?

QMP offer along with a high quality workbench a range of accessories, this allows the user to customise the workbench and add accessories for a complete workbench kit such as; Lockable Cupboard Storage available as a single drawer, triple drawer or large storage cupboard, Back Panels, Upper Shelves, Service Ducts, Lighting, Tool Rails, Tool storage or small parts storage. The majority of the accessories are available on an Express 5 day delivery, therefore a complete workbench with accessories can be delivered to the customer in 5 working days.

For more information do not hesitate to contact Rebecca in our marketing team at Alternatively, please speak to our friendly sales team on +44 (01384 899800) EXT 1.


For high quality, UK manufactured Workbenches, QMP are the automatic choice