QMP’s Warehouse Barriers

Posted on June 13th 2017 by Rebecca Brophy.


For Barriers that are robust, high quality UK standard manufactured, and are perfect for any factory or warehouse… QMP have the Barriers for your workplace!

Fully Welded Barriers

Fully Welded Safety Barriers

When kitting our a warehouse or factory with an industrial barrier system, that might being used for protection around machinery or defining walkways through a manufacturing facility, then our our  Fully Welded range is perfect for you! We offer a selection of designs with this range including our Straight Barriers, Corner Barriers or Gated Barriers, these are all high quality and manufactured to a high standard perfect for any workplace. The Fully Welded Barriers are available as standard with an open or mesh infill panel depending on your requirements for your workplace or factory, and are powder coated bright yellow in order to make these barriers visible within the workplace. Certain sizes and variations on a 5 day delivery.. find out more here!

Check out the Fully Welded Barrier Range Here


Protective Posts

Protective Posts

These Protective Posts have a high quality design, available in various sizes and colour options to suit your requirements. These posts are available powder coated coated with a highly visible yellow, jet black or a striped design of yellow and jet black. Manufactured to for building protection, these are perfect for any workplace within door ways to protect from any accidental damage. Floor mounted for extra durability and are available in a selection of sizes, these being 760H, 915H or 1100H. Certain sizes and variations on a 5 day delivery.. find out more here!

Check out the Protective Posts Range Here


Low Level Barriers

Low Level Industrial Barriers

The Low Level Barriers are manufactured from high quality gauge of steel, and are perfect for use within factories or industrial areas, where a fork lift trucks or pump trucks are frequently used. Having low level barrier protection within industrial areas ensures that all palletised goods that are protected from damage. A sleek sturdy design powder coated with either high visible yellow or jet black. Certain sizes and variations on a 5 day delivery.. find out more here!

Check out the Low Level Industrial Barrier Range Here


Round Tube BarriersLift Out Barriers

Lift Out & Round Tube Warehouse Barriers

The Lift out Barrier range is a sturdy system perfect for use within manufacturing facilities or industrial workshop floors. This square tube design are robustly construction and have the bonus of a lift out system. The Round Tube Rail offer a modular design with a robust construction, with the same high quality quality structure of the Lift Out barriers but just as a fixed post. These barriers are ideal for use within the industrial areas or warehouse department, powder coated high visible yellow.

Check out the Lift Out & Round Tube Warehouse Barrier Range Here



Modular Barriers

Modular Safety Barriers

The Modular barriers are an economical designed range mainly used within warehouse areas to protect end of pallet racking bays. These yellow barriers are constructed from heavy gauge steel and are extremely durable, meaning this design is able to withstand any accidental damage that may be caused whilst pump trucks or fork lift trucks are in use. The Modular Barriers are powder coated a high visible yellow and are available in different sizes to suit the warehouses requirements. These Warehouse Barriers are available on a 5 day delivery.. find out more here!

Check out the Modular Safety Barriers Range Here


Guard Barriers

Guard Barriers

Our Guard Barrier range offers a heavy duty warehouse barrier available in a selection of sizes including  Short or long Guard, Pillar and Corner Barrier. This system allows a safety barrier to be created to protect walkways, around machinery or shelving within warehouses, powder coated yellow ensure these are highly visible. These Industrial Barriers are available on a 5 day delivery.. find out more here!

Check out the Guard Barriers Range Here


Do you require more information on our Industrial Barriers, or would like assistance on your warehouse barrier system enquiry? Why not speak to our friendly sales team on? 44+ (0) 1384 899800 or alternatively email us at ?sales@qmp.uk.com.