NEW £1 Coin Return & Coin Retain Locks Available From QMP

Posted on January 31st 2017 by Rebecca Brophy.

New £1 Coin Return & £1 Coin Retain Locks Available At QMP!
Be ready for the new £1 coin!

In March 2017 the UK is set to see the new 12-sided £1 coin enter general circulation and slowly faze out the old circular shape coin. The old coin has been in circulation since 1983 but is being retired in favour of the new coin due to its increased security and the difficulty posed in counter fitting the new coin. In preparation for this QMP have designed a set of new coin locks to suit the new coins. These locks will take both the old and new shape coins ensuring no one is left unable to use our locks during the transition phase!

QMP offer a wide range of optional lock fittings to suit the user’s individual locker requirements. Ranging from £1 Coin return & coin retain, Mechanical Combination, Digital Keypad, Combination Padlock, Swivel Latch or sometimes known as hasp and staple, Moisture Resistant Cam lock (suitable for the Steel Splash and Laminate Splash Lockers).

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