QMP’S System Flow Trolleys

Posted on January 19th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

Quality Mobile Workshop Storage, System Flow Trolley Range….

The System Flow Trolleys are based in our Euroslide range and are available in different configurations for each individual task in the workplace; Including IT Trolleys suitable for the use with Computers, Tool Trolleys a full perforated panel designed for tool storage, Shelf & Panel Trolleys a half magnetic panel and half tool tray for storage, Tilting Shelf Trolleys ideal for plastic container storage for small or medium sized parts in the workplace and A’ Frame Trolleys suitable tool storage or plastic container storage.

IT Trolley;

The IT Trolley range are designed to provide an all-in-one storage solution for the workplace environment. With an integrated sliding shelf for keyboard storage and a V.D.U mount bracket to support the monitor, makes the unit perfect for the use for computers within the workplace. As standard the lower half of the IT Trolley provides tool storage and an option for the use plastic container storage keep items safe & secure whilst the trolley is on the move. Other optional extras are available including; A large lockable drawer with a choice of Dark Grey, Green, Dark Blue & Red drawer front. Service Ducts to allow the computer tower power lead, base tray and extra shelves.

Tool Trolley;

The Tool Trolleys provide a high capacity of storage especially suitable for hand tools. A full perforated panel made from 1.2mm mild steel makes the trolley heavy duty for use with tool storage in the workplace. The pegboard back panel with the choice of two sizes 500mm or 750mm width is made from 1.2mm mild steel to support the weight of any hand tools that the user requires to store. A range of accessories to suit this trolley are available including; our clip mix kits which come in a pack of either 53 or 84 this enable the storage of hand tools, this also makes the trolley easy identification of storage position or any missing tools. and adjustable storage bin rails to suit our plastic container storage boxes ideal for any small parts storage and clip mix kits available in a 53 or 84 piece.

Shelf & Panel Trolley;

The Shelf & Panel Trolley range offers a magnetic back panel with the choice of two trolley sizes of 500mm or 750mm. With an all-steel robust construction made from 1.2mm mild steel, these trolleys are suitable for a workshop environment. The base frame of the trolley is powder coated Light Grey with Germ Guard Active Technology paint. The Shelf & Panel Trolley comes as standard with an adjustable shelf with an option for additional shelves, other optional extras available include;  adjustable storage bin rails ideal to suit our plastic container storage boxes perfect for small parts storage or small hand held tools.

Tilting Shelf Trolley;

The Tilting Shelf Trolley range offers different configurations of mobile storage. The easy adjusting shelves provide suitable storage for small parts or small hand held tools and can be easily tilted towards the front with the use of quick release lever. The shelves are fully adjustable and can be positioned at increments of 100mm, this allows the user to fit the shelves in the required measurements.  The Tilting Shelf Trolley is an all-steel construction made from 1.5mm mild steel makes this trolley robust and ideal for a workshop environments. A Choice of two size widths are available in this range including 830mm and 580mm. Optional accessories are available with this trolley including; A base tray and Service duct.

‘A’ Frame Trolley;

The ‘A’ Frame Trolleys are an all in one mobile workshop storage which can be customised with Louvre panels or Perforated panels and a range of accessories to suit. With an all-steel construction made from mild steel provides high quality tool and small parts storage. The ‘A’ Frame Trolleys are available in two height sizes, 1230mm and 1650mm. The base frame is powder coated in light grey with Germ Guard Active Technology paint, with a wide choice of coloured panels to match your colour scheme of the workshop. These include Light Grey, Dark Grey, Blue, Green and Red. Optional accessories are available including; plastic container storage boxes, Clip mix kits available in either 53 or 84 piece.


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