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QMP’s Workbenches, perfect for your workplace packing area

Posted on October 17th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

Packing Workbenches We have your workplace packaging area covered!   Kitting out a packing area or updating your existing packing benches? Our range of quality and robust Packing Workbenches are designed ideally for packaging, distribution industries, manufacturing facilities, production lines or assembly areas.   Our Packaging Workbench range can be used as an indivudal unit or be coupled together to form a complete integrated packaging area and are available in a range of hard wearing worktops including; ...read more

The Buyer’s Guide to Lockers

Posted on October 10th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

Locker Guide Where to start? When choosing the right Locker for the job there are many aspects to think about and can be quite mind boggling… we’re here to help! Let us guide you into buying the right Lockers for the job!     So here’s your starting point…   BUDGET Everyone has a budget to work with, why should workplace Lockers be any different? With many Lockers available on the market and so competitively priced, it ...read more

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – 25th September

Posted on October 4th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

Macmillan Coffee Morning The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning Standing up to Cancer supporting Macmillan On Monday 25th September, QMP took part in ”The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan”, and boy what a morning it was, what a way to start a Monday! The cakes were out in force and so was QMP’s staff, friends & family. Our canteen was jam packed with all sorts of cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies and savories! After a great achievement last year ...read more

OUT NOW! Issue 2 of the QMP Product Catalogue

Posted on October 4th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

QMP’s Issue 2 Product Catalogue 🔥 Hot off the press!! 🔥    Our issue 2 has just arrived with us from the printers. We are pleased to announce the launch of our NEW product ranges, our Binary Height Adjustable Workbenches and P.P.E Workstations.   NEW – Binary Height Adjustable Workbenches   QMP’s latest range of Height Adjustable Workbenches, these 3 types of workbenches offer a premium solution to the workplace. The Binary System benches have ...read more

First Aid Family Range – Make Sure Your Workplace Is Covered

Posted on September 26th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

QMP’s First Aid Product range perfect to kit out any first aid or medical room Make sure your workplace has the correct storage for your first aid supplies First Aid Cupboards Our Standard First Aid Cupboards are manufactured from high quality steel with instantly recognisable identification symbols and a clean white powder coated finish. This first aid storage cupboards are available in a range of sizes with mobile versions these cabinets allow the workplace to ...read more

Security Cupboards – Perfect for Valuable Items

Posted on September 19th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

QMP’s Security Cupboard ranges are perfect for everyday use within the workplace, with added EXTRA level of security for valuable items or materials.   When using high valuable equipment or materials within the workplace, it is imperative that all items such as these are stored correctly. Prevent a theft of valuable goods within your workplace with our Security Cupboards!   Our range of Security Cupboards include; Standard Security Cupboards – Perfect for everyday use within ...read more

Secure Locker Range from QMP

Posted on September 12th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

Secure valuable items within the workplace with our heavy duty range of Lockers   QMP design and manufacturer a wide range of Lockers including our Express Lockers, Personal Effects Lockers to our new range of School Lockers. Within our Locker range, 3 designs in particular are manufactured for heavy duty applications perfect for the any workplace for storing valuable items.   Padlock Lockers The Padlock Lockers are designed to allow users to safely store items ...read more

The NEW Binary Bench System

Posted on September 6th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

QMP’s NEW product range; The Binary Bench System   QMP’s new product… The Binary Workbench System… This range includes three height adjustable workbenches, which are – Electric Height Adjustable, Manual Height Adjustable and Fixed Height Binary Workbench     The Electric Height Adjustable Binary Bench offers a premium solution to your workshop with an easy adjustable simple ”up or down” button which allows the workbench to start from 660mm and goes to the height of ...read more

Get Ready for September – Back to School with QMP’s School Lockers

Posted on August 17th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

  Get ready for back to School with our School Furniture Range QMP’s School Lockers and School Cloakroom furniture, high quality colourful lockers and cloakroom benches are perfect for primary schools or nursery’s.   Standard School Lockers The Standard School Lockers offer the same high quality design as the Standard Locker but at a lower height of 1356 H making the Lockers perfect for use in primary school locker rooms or nursery’s. An all-steel constructed Locker ...read more

How To Use The QMP Image Library

Posted on August 14th 2017 by Rebecca Watson.

A step by step guide to using the QMP Image Library… QMP has created an online image portal of all product images, blurbs and specification sheets to ensure the up to date images and information are available to QMP’s network of distributors. From the downloads section located on the QMP website an online form is available for the distributor to complete with all their contact details.   2. The request is then sent to our ...read more