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FAQ: Safety & Industrial Barriers

Posted on November 13th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

How do Safety Barriers work? Safety Barriers work as a protection to the user or item. For example walkway safety barriers are for the safety of the staff / user, whereas industrial safety barriers are used for going around machinery or to protect machinery from any unwanted damage. What are Safety Barriers? A safety barrier is a highly visible barrier usually powder coated yellow, that prevents and protects any unwanted damaged to warehouse racking or ...read more

5 Day Delivery: Workstations

Posted on October 29th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

Within our Workstations range, we feature our Team Leader Work Desks. These are great for the tough environments such as the industrial workplace for team leaders, supervisors or line managers who work within production areas but need a workstation. Team Leader Workstations A range of robustly constructed express delivery workstations designed for Team Leaders, Supervisors or Line Managers. Fully welded steel framework ideal for tough environments with a range of accessories both above and below ...read more

New Lines: School Lockers

Posted on October 15th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

Our lower height School Lockers are perfect for use within primary schools or nursery’s in which the lockers are based at a height of either 900mm, 1100mm or 1365mm. These are available in a selection of dimensions, compartment sizes and a vibrant choice of door colour options. We believe offering a wide choice of colours for schools are great for adding a touch of colour to school cloakroom or branded school colour schemes. NEW for ...read more

FAQ: Lockers

Posted on September 16th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

What Lockers are the best for gyms? Any particular Locker design is great for a gym, however, the best locks to use within a gym are Latch Locks. These are excellent for gyms as the user can use their own padlock to secure their items. Check out our Standard Lockers here which have the option for swivel latch locks to be fitted. Why do Lockers have vents? Almost all steel storage lockers have vents. The ...read more

5 Day Delivery: Hazardous Substance Storage Cupboards

Posted on September 3rd 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

Express Delivered Hazardous Cupboards Our fast ship range of Hazardous Cupboards help employers and employees comply with the control of hazardous substances in the workplace. These steel cupboards are available in various sizes including floor cupboards, floor chests, wall mounted and mobile. These Hazardous Cupboards are ideal for all workplace environments such as industrial, general and commercial premises. Cupboard Construction; ✔ ”No Snag” handles with a 2-point locking mechanism. ✔ Warning stickers are supplied as ...read more

FAQ: Personal Protective Equipment

Posted on August 27th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

What does PPE stand for? PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is any item that has been designed to protect a worker from harm whilst in the workplace. PPE helps protect the user against health and safety hazards. What are the types of PPE? The types of PPE can be broken down into 7 categories: Eyes, Lungs, Head and Neck, Ears, Hands and Arms, Feet and Legs, and Whole Body. There is a wide ...read more

FAQ: CoSHH & Hazardous Substances Cupboards

Posted on August 20th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

What is CoSHH? A law put in place in 2002 to prevent or reduce workers to any exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. CoSHH requires employers to safely store and control harmful substances that are hazardous to health. What does CoSHH stand for? CoSHH stands for the ”Control of Substances Hazardous to Health”. These regulations were enforced in 2002 and require employers within the workplace to safely store and control harmful substances that are ...read more

5 Day Delivery: Workplace Cupboards

Posted on August 6th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

We manufacture a wide range of quality Steel Cupboards for secure storage solutions for places such as workplace, schools, offices and colleges. Our quick ship general use Workplace Cupboards offer a combination of storage space and security for the workplace. Each of the steel cupboards are manufactured with strengthed doors which feature a hard wearing 2-point locking system. By having a quality locking system ensures the user that the contents are secure. The 5 day ...read more

5 Day Delivery: Trucks & Trolleys

Posted on July 30th 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

Within our wide range of Trucks & Trolleys we have our best selling Trolleys on a 5 day lead time. These include our Shelf Trucks which are available in either a 2 or 3 shelf tiers and our single handle Platform Trucks. Our express delivered Shelf Trucks are cost effective and perfect for every workplace environment. These Shelf Trucks are available in a choice of 2 or 3 tier, powder coated in a deep blue ...read more

Industrial Safety Barriers

Posted on July 23rd 2019 by Rebecca Brophy.

Why is it important to use Safety Barriers within the workplace? It is extremely important to make sure safety measures are in place when in the workplace to protect the employees and to comply with the law with regards to the safety of the workers. We design and manufacture a range of steel high quality safety and warehouse Barriers. These Barriers are ideal for use within industrial factories, warehouses or factory shop floors. Each Barrier ...read more