Industrial safety Barriers perfect for the workplace

QMP designs and manufactures a range of high quality safety barriers suitable for industrial, factory or warehouse areas. Our yellow barriers are highly visible making this perfect for defining walkways or around industrial machinery. Ranging from our Protective posts designed to protect building doors for any accidental damage to our Modular barriers which are mainly used to protect end of pallet racking bays. All of our heavy duty barriers have a fully welded all-steel construction and offer the workplace a perfect solution for cost-effective safety.

Best selling safety Barriers

Our fully welded barriers are a popular choice, available with different configurations including Straight, Corner and Gate units, meaning the user can create a barrier system suitable for their requirements. The Straight Unit barriers are kept in stock in our warehouse and are available on a 5 Working Day delivery service.

Benefits of buying from a UK manufacturer?

We manufacturer our Barrier units in the UK in our factory in the West Midlands. By buying from the UK we believe you achieve better quality products which is very important as every workplace needs products that have a built to last design.

Be sure to choose a UK manufacturer for safety Barriers, UK means quality.

Do you require further assistance with your safety barrier enquiry?

Let our fully trained and friendly sales team help with your enquiry, you’ll be sure to find the best solution for your requirements. Call sales on +44 (0)1384 899800 or alternatively email us at: