1650 - 'A Frame' Trolleys

The 'A Frame' workshop trolleys are the ideal 'all-in-one' storage which can be customised with louvre panels, perforated panels and a range of accessories available from QMP.

  • All in one mobile workshop storage.
  • 'A Frame' trolley height of 1650H with 680W or 1000W and 260D.
  • Extra panels are available in a range of colours to match your Euroslide workshop.
  • All trolleys are fitted with high quality swivel braked castors.
  • Clip Kits can be fitted to perforated panels to store tools.
  • Clips Kits and Plastic Open Fronted Containers are available here - please speak to sales for details.
  • Extra shelves and panels can be purchased to customise your trolley.
  • Designed in the UK by QMP, a proud Trolley Manufacturer.

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1650 - 'A Frame' Trolley - Colour Options
'A Frame' Trolley
Size H.W.D Description Code
Choose Your Trolley
H.1520 W.1000 D.260 Without Castors RTSYF1610U*X
H.1650 W.680 D.260 With Castors RTSYF1668M*X
H.1650 W.1000 D.260 With Castors RTSYF1610M*X
H.1520 W.680 D.260 Without Castors RTSYF1668U*X
'A Frame' Trolley Accessories
Size H.W.D Description Code
Choose Your Accessories
H.20 W.600 D.350 Shelf (To suit 680 Wide Trolley) RTSHLU80LXX
H.20 W.900 D.350 Shelf (To suit 1000 Wide Trolley) RTSHLU10LXX
'A Frame' Trolley Panel Options
Size H.W.D Description Code
Choose Your Panels (Louvred or Perforated)
H.910 W.630 D.60 Perforated Panel (To suit 680 Wide Trolley) RTPERF12*XX
H.910 W.930 D.60 Perforated Panel (To suit 1000 Wide Trolley) RTPERF16*XX
H.910 W.630 D.60 Louvred Panel (To suit 680 Wide Trolley) RTLOVR12*XX
H.910 W.930 D.60 Louvred Panel (To suit 1000 Wide Trolley) RTLOVR16*XX