1500mm System Tek Workbenches - Fits 1 x 900mm Cabinet

QMP's System Tek range offers the user the ability to customise their workshop bench. These 1500mm System Tek UK benches are perfect for the industrial, manufacturing or workshop set-up and provide ideal storage with the option for 1 x heavy duty 900mm tool cabinet.These wider workbenches can fit a single 900mm Euroslide cabinet from the cabinet range whilst leaving enough room to fit a chair or other storage underneath, perfect for workshops where space is at a premium. Each System Tek workbench is built with QMP's signature build quality and attractive design features that ensure your workshop is both functional and good-looking. With a variety of worktop options and drawer colours available you can be sure to get the exact look you want.

  • All steel robust construction.
  • Full range of workbench style accessories available.
  • Worktops available are Solid Beech, Laminate and Tool Tray.
  • Full width, full extension precision ball race slides with anti-tilt feature.
  • Central locking for extra security.
  • An impressive 100KG load capacity per drawer.
  • The Euroslide Cupboard doors are fitted with interior perforated panel to fit tool clips.
  • A range of drawer divider kits are available with different storage options.
  • System Tek allows you to build your own configuration by selecting from our range of cabinets, accessories and worktop options.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by QMP.
  • To view the complete range of 1500mm System Tek Workshop Benches - please click here.

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1500mm System Tek Workbenches - Fits 1 x 900mm Cabinet - Colour Options
1. Choose Your Cabinet
Size H.W.D Description Code
900mm Tool Cabinet
5x150mm D. 5 Drawer EUC1829065C,
1x 750mm A. Double Cupboard EUC18290651,
4x 100mm, 1x 150mm, 1x 200mm F. 6 Drawer EUC1829065E.
2x100mm, 2x150mm, 1x200mm E. 5 Drawer EUC18290655,
2x 100mm, 1x 500mm B. 2 Drawer & Cupboard EUC18290653,
7x 100mm G. 7 Drawer EUC1829065V,
1x150mm, 3x200mm C. 4 Drawer EUC1829065A,
2. Choose Your Worktop
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.20 W.1500 D.650 Laminate ESLAMTOP1565
H.27 W.1500 D.650 Solid Beech ESBEETOP1565
3. Choose Your Accessories
Size H.W.D Description Code
- Spring Tool Balance BESPRBALXLXX.
- Light/Tool Rail Support 1500mm BERS1500XLXX.
- Support Leg & Modesty Panel E2LEGMOD6560
- 760mm Rear Support Posts BESP760SXXXX'
- Combi Panel 1500mm (Louvred / Perforated / Pin) BECP4815I3XX.
- Track 1500mm (To Fit Light/Tool Rail) BETR1500XLXX.
- Upper Shelf 300mm Solid Beech BEUS1500BXXX
- 1180mm Rear Support Posts BESP1180XXXX'
- Worktop Service Duct 1500mm BESDWT15XXXX.
- Louvred / Perforated Back Panel 1500mm BECP4815IXXX.
- Upper Shelf 300mm Laminate BEUS1500PXXX.
- Fluorescent Light BELF1200XLXX.
- Post Fitted Service Duct 1500mm BESDP15XXXX.
- Louvred / Pin Back Panel 1500mm BELO4815IXXX.