System Tek Workbenches - 1x 600mm Cabinet

Our System Tek Workbench range offers the user the ability to customise their workshop bench. These UK benches are perfect for the industrial, manufacturing or workshop set-up and provide ideal storage with the option for 1x Euroslide 600mm Tool Cabinet.

  • All steel robust construction.
  • Full range of workbench style accessories available.
  • Worktops available are Solid Beech, Laminate and Tool Tray.
  • Full width, full extension precision ball race slides with anti-tilt feature.
  • Central locking for extra security.
  • An impressive 100KG load capacity per drawer.
  • The Euroslide Cupboard doors are fitted with interior perforated panel to fit tool clips.
  • A range of drawer divider kits are available with different storage options.
  • System Tek allows you to build your own configuration by selecting from our range of cabinets, accessories and worktop options.
  • Designed in the UK by QMP, a proud Workbench Manufacturer.
  • To view the complete range of 1500mm System Tek Workshop Benches - please click here.

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1500mm System Tek Workbenches - Fits 1 x 600mm Cabinet - Colour Options
1. Choose Your Cabinet
Size H.W.D Description Code
600mm Tool Cabinets
1x 750mm A. Cupboard EUC18260651.
2x100mm, 2x150mm, 1x200mm E. 5 Drawer EUC18260655.
2x 100mm, 1x 500mm B. 2 Drawer & Cupboard EUC18260652.
4x 100mm, 1x 150mm, 1x 200mm F. 6 Drawer EUC1826065E.
1x150mm, 3x200mm C. 4 Drawer EUC1826065A.
7x 100mm G. 7 Drawer EUC1826065V.
5x150mm D. 5 Drawer EUC1826065C.
2. Choose Your Worktop
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.20 W.1500 D.650 Laminate ESLAMTOP1565
H.27 W.1500 D.650 Solid Beech ESBEETOP1565
3. Choose Your Accessories
Size H.W.D Description Code
- Light/Tool Rail Support 1500mm BERS1500XLXX.
- Fluorescent Light BELF1200XLXX.
- 760mm Rear Support Posts BESP760SXXXX,
- Combi Panel 1500mm (Louvred / Perforated / Pin) BECP4815I3XX.
- Track 1500mm (To Fit Light/Tool Rail) BETR1500XLXX.
- Upper Shelf 300mm Solid Beech BEUS1500BXXX
- Support Leg & Modesty Panel E2LEGMOD6560
- 1180mm Rear Support Posts BESP1180XXXX.
- Worktop Service Duct 1500mm BESDWT15XXXX.
- Louvred / Perforated Back Panel 1500mm BECP4815IXXX.
- Upper Shelf 300mm Laminate BEUS1500PXXX.
- Spring Tool Balance BESPRBALXLXX.
- Post Fitted Service Duct 1500mm BESDP15XXXX.
- Louvred / Pin Back Panel 1500mm BELO4815IXXX.